Transfer pricing

Transfer Pricing


The Incentive Program to Technological Innovation and Consolidation of the Production Chain of Motor Vehicles (Inovar-Auto) aims to improve the competitiveness, the technology and the safety of the cars manufactured and sold in Brazil, through the usufruct of presumed credit of the Tax on Manufactured Products (IPI) for qualified companies. Since November of 2014, the direct suppliers of those companies must inform the value of the imported inputs and raw materials sold to the vehicle manufacturers, which must report every month to the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Commerce (MDIC). The companies qualified to the benefit are that who manufactures or sells vehicles in Brazil or have any projects that aim to develop this sector of activity.

The Deloitte professionals acknowledge the needs of the vehicle manufacturers and know how to proceed with the requirements in this area with better practices. And, by that, offers the service of highly qualified professionals and software that fits all the needs of our team and have use license available for our clients, aiming to address the challenges and guide through the obligations assumed.

Main challenges:

  • The need of a complex control system of calculation and documents;
  • Short deadline between the calculation and the report of the results to MDIC;
  • Direct impact on the results of the automaker and trader;
  • Negative impacts in your business, due to the noncompliance by the suppliers of auto parts.

Obligations assumed by the clients with MDIC

  • 2% fine on the value of the operations of sale, in the hypothesis of omission in provide the information;
  • 1% fine on the difference between the value informed and the amount due, in the hypothesis of inaccuracy in compliance with the obligations;
  • Enabling loss of the Inovar-Auto by the company, in the hypothesis of taking a higher presumed credit in reason to the inaccuracies in the information.

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