Transfer pricing

Transfer Pricing


Our Transfer Pricing Practice just released the New TPS, a faster and more flexible version of our highly used and acclaimed software for calculation and management of Brazilian Transfer Pricing adjustments, developed by Deloitte Brazil. This new tool is an example of many innovative and sophisticated solutions provided by our Practice, which constantly develops new ways to assist our clients in Brazil or abroad, to adapt to the complex Brazilian Tax environment – always with the most advanced technology and with experienced professionals.

New Transfer Pricing Solutions (“New TPS”) – the new version launched in 2015 allows the experienced professionals from Deloitte to work more efficiently and assured with the information required for calculating the Transfer Pricing.

Benefits of the New TPS:

  • More accurate results for the Transfer Pricing adjustments in shorter time;
  • Better assurance during the calculation process with the information provided by the client;
  • Better traceability of the provided information, making the process faster;
  • Possibility of applying different methods to reduce the adjustments, with all these alternatives established and allowed by the Law;
  • Monthly follow up of the tributary effects of the Transfer Pricing;
  • Critical analysis of the preview and final results, allowing constant feedback on each step;
  • Autocomplete function of the Income Tax Transfer Pricing forms, and others.

However, no tool is capable to replace the Deloitte differential of commitment with our customers, because this is how we understand your business, aiming always to identify your needs and to develop a good relation, this way we can fulfil with all the expectations.

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